Guatemala Título Título Título

Welcome to a whole new way of organized travelling in Guatemala!

Travelling in Guatemala represents a rainbow of contrasts and contradictions, filled with wonder, beauty, magic, mystery, and an outstanding cultural and natural diversity. At Guatemala Reps we aim to share with our travelling guests these fascinating contrasts which we are certain will bring unexpected views and become life changing unique experiences!

There are many different ways and styles to experience Guatemala’s Mayan culture, magic archaeological sites, picturesque historical landmarks and all exciting active adventures that this unique Central American country has to offer. At Guatemala Reps we believe the best way is to created a unique experience is by provide travelers with up-to-date advise derived from our first hand knowledge, flexibility and being part of an organized trip which ensures you the highest possible level of safety.

For those with fearless and adventurous spirits, Adventure travel in Guatemala is a great choice. There are plenty of remote, untamed, and exotic areas where a variety of activities are available, including: involve hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, rock-climbing, fishing, scuba dive and exploring legendary caves once used by the Mayas themselves.

We cordially invite you to team up with Guatemala Reps and explore with us new and creative ways to travel in Guatemala and experience these contrasting, yet enchanting land.